Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks review on dark skin

I’ve always heard people talking about Kylie Jenner cosmetics and how popular they are. I saw lots of good reviews but also couple they aren’t so good. So I decided to test it out myself. I follow Kylie cosmetics on instagram although I’ve never bought anything from them, I always thought their makeup posts always look good. They had a special promotion going on so I thought why not try them. So I got these two liquid lipsticks for $30 which was a pretty reasonable price.

Because I am obsessed with red lipstick, I had to buy this shade called Mary Jo K to add to my collection. When I first put it on, the application was pretty smooth. The pigment was strong as well so I only added two coats. The con is that it is VERY dry and flaky. I had to add lip balm to make it look alright. First picture is without lip balm and the second one is with the lip balm.

The second shade I picked was purple. I picked that shade because I think it usually looks flattering on my skin tone. This specific shade called Gorg is from the Kylie X khloe. The application was smooth as well, I only use two coats but it definitely was not dry as the red one and didn’t make my lips flaky.

So if I have to pick between the two it’ll probably be the purple because it’s not as dry as the red one and looks good.

Favorite moisturizer

For many years, I’ve been searching for the perfect moisturizer for my face. I unfortunately have very sensitive skin, so I can’t just use any kind of moisturizer. Along the years I’ve tried moisturizers from affordable brands and expensive brands but still have bad reactions to everyone of them. That all changed when I tried this Korean brand moisturizer from Innisfree that my sister introduced me to. What I use is the Innisfree balancing cream with green tea. I really like this moisturizer because first of all I haven’t had bad reactions to it. My face just loves it. In addition, it also gives me good complexion and evens my skin tone. I like that it’s not heavy on my skin and the price is reasonable:$20. Some will say it’s too expensive but I don’t think so and plus the moisturizer last for a longtime.

I know there’s a lot of good moisturizer out there but this one makes wonders to my face.

I would love to know what’s your favorite moisturizer? Comment below

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