Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks review on dark skin

I’ve always heard people talking about Kylie Jenner cosmetics and how popular they are. I saw lots of good reviews but also couple they aren’t so good. So I decided to test it out myself. I follow Kylie cosmetics on instagram although I’ve never bought anything from them, I always thought their makeup posts always look good. They had a special promotion going on so I thought why not try them. So I got these two liquid lipsticks for $30 which was a pretty reasonable price.

Because I am obsessed with red lipstick, I had to buy this shade called Mary Jo K to add to my collection. When I first put it on, the application was pretty smooth. The pigment was strong as well so I only added two coats. The con is that it is VERY dry and flaky. I had to add lip balm to make it look alright. First picture is without lip balm and the second one is with the lip balm.

The second shade I picked was purple. I picked that shade because I think it usually looks flattering on my skin tone. This specific shade called Gorg is from the Kylie X khloe. The application was smooth as well, I only use two coats but it definitely was not dry as the red one and didn’t make my lips flaky.

So if I have to pick between the two it’ll probably be the purple because it’s not as dry as the red one and looks good.

2 thoughts on “Kylie Jenner liquid lipsticks review on dark skin”

  1. Both shades and formulas look great on you, but I def get what you’re saying about the matte ones. In general I feel to get the perfect matte liquid lipstick is an art, attempted by many but mastered by few.

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